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Our strength: versatility and know-how

Whether for replacement or conversion of your equipment, our installers have the skills and experience required for a high-quality installation.

Our team also includes technicians who have been trained at l’École de technologie gazière, meaning we can offer 24/7 after-sale, maintenance and emergency service for natural gas equipment.

Energy Efficiency

Our main goal is to help our customers use less energy and thus help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To do this, we offer a range of equipment to meet various types of applications. As a Certified Partner of Gaz Métro and Gaz Métro Plus, we advise our customers to participate in various business and financial assistance programs.

Boiler Installation

A member of the Corporation of Master Pipe-Mechanics of Quebec and proud Certified Partner of Gaz Métro, we must uphold the highest standards of quality installations. We have a long experience in this sector and our highly skilled workforce enables us to achieve our goals of customer satisfaction.

Natural Gas

Natural gas is produced from the natural transformation over millions of years of organic materials such as plants and animals. Clean, reliable and safe, natural gas provides comfort and peace of mind. Today, one of the energy sources most commonly used around the world, it brings its benefits to millions of people. In Quebec, natural gas enhances the lives of some 185,000 homes, businesses, shops and industries, as well as large numbers of educational and health institutions.

You may consult the following site for more information:


Benefits of natural gas, please consult this information chart from Gaz Métro:


Gaz Métro regularly publishes a newsletter on topical subjects, here is the site:


Industrial Piping

Our expertise in industrial piping allows us to complete projects with strict constraints. The necessary technical solutions are applied effectively for projects involving:   

  • Process modification
  • Chillers
  • Water towers
  • Cold and hot water piping
  • Piping for steam applications


Chiller Installation

Working closely with engineering firms as well as with plans and specifications, we safely carry out the installation of such equipment to the required manufacturing standards.

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