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Apartment Building

Project:  Natural gas conversion

Customer:  Mrs Blank

Site:  5575 Victoria, Montreal

Date:  2012


Dismantling of the  existing 7 sections  cast iron oil furnace and hot water tank. Installation of gas piping to new equipment. Supply and install  high efficiency gas boiler, heat exchanger and hot water insulated storage tank of 120 gallons.  Exterior gas meter.

Chalet City of Montreal

Project:  Natural gas conversion

Customer:  City of Montreal

Site:  1650 Crawford, Verdun

Date:  2012


Supply and install gas piping from new  meter to the boiler.  Install a gas burner in the existing boiler. Exterior gas meter.

Printing Press Services

Project:  Natural gas radiant heaters

Customer:  Printing Press Services, Preston Lancashire U.K.

Site:  223 Norman, Lachine

Date:  2012


Installation of 15 gas-fired high-intensity radiant heaters in three zones.  Each distinctive zone will be connected to a separate gas meter and to one zone control box.  Supply and install all necessary gas piping to units.

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